No B.S. Lifetime Warranty

To ensure you get a lifetime of performance out of your Axial, we confidently extend a Lifetime Warranty to protect against defects in material and workmanship. No fine print, no jumping through hoops, no B.S. If your knife fails to perform as designed, we'll repair it or replace it at no cost to you.

We warranty our knives against defects in material and workmanship. Our warranty covers the functionality of the knife for the lifetime of the knife. We aren't looking for excuses not to warranty your knife. We will do everything we can to help keep your Axial on the job.

Warranty service may be affected by the availability of parts or whether or not a model is still in active production.

Our warranty does not cover defects due to the following:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused by neglect (i.e. failure to perform necessary maintenance, damage due to improper sharpening of the blade, etc.)
  • Damage due to improper use (i.e. using the knife as a throwing knife, screwdriver, pry bar, chisel, etc.)
  • Any knife modified from its original factory condition
  • Accident, loss, or theft

Knives purchased through unauthorized dealers, and knives determined by Axial to be counterfeit, are excluded from coverage under this warranty. 

As part of our warranty, we also include our complementary Premier Edge Service that can be taken advantage of at any time. Our professional team will disassemble, clean, lubricate, fine-tune, and sharpen your Axial knife at no extra cost to you. To arrange Premier Edge Service on your knife, CLICK HERE.

The Warranty Process

IMPORTANT: If your OTF knife fails to deploy properly, it's most likely caused by dirt, debris, or other buildup within the knife. If the internals of your knife are dry, this may also contibute to issues with deployment. Please visit our Knife Care Page for detailed instructions on how to clean and care for your OTF knife. If your OTF knife still does not function properly after cleaning and lubricating the internals, please follow the steps below to arrange warranty service on your knife:

1. Complete, sign, and submit the "Warranty Service Form" found at the link below, acknowledging your understanding and acceptance of the "Automatic Knife Agreement":

Warranty Service Form

2. One of our representatives will review your form submission and reply back within 1-2 business days to authorize your return or to request additional information if required. Your warranty request must be authorized by one of our representatives before your knife can be sent in for service.

3. Ship your knife in a secure package to the Axial address provided below, postage paid and insured (optional). Axial is not responsible fore any product(s) lost in transit, to or from, our facility:


Attn: Warranty Service

317 N 2000 W Unit 219B

Springville, UT 84663

4. Once we have received your package, Axial will do the following:

  •  If your Axial product fails to function as it was designed, we will examine its condition upon its return to Axial and determine the cause of the failure.
  • If we determine there is a defect in the manufacture, materials, or workmanship of your Axial product, Axial will repair or exchange that product with the same or similar model or one of equal value. The value of the product will be based on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, as published by Axial.
  • If the problem with a returned product is determined to be caused by reasons other than a defect in manufacture, materials, or workmanship, Axial will determine whether the product can be repaired and provide a free estimate of the repair service cost. Upon authorization and receipt of payment for the repair and return shipping of the product, we will perform the repair.


The purchase, use, ownership, and carry of knives are subject to a wide range of federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Make sure that you are in compliance with all the laws and regulations that are in effect in your area. Because these laws and regulations are complicated and constantly changing, the buyer is responsible for investigating and complying with the laws and regulations that apply in his or her specific area. You, and not Axial Innovation LLC, are solely responsible for any claims resulting from the violation of these laws and/or regulations.


Knives are extremely sharp tools and should only be used with the utmost care and caution. Exercise extreme caution when carrying, deploying, and using your knife. Serious injury or death could occur if a knife is not handled responsibly.

(a) If Axial, in its sole discretion, determines that the knife you sent in for warranty service is a counterfeit, Axial reserves the right to destroy or permanently seize the knife. A knife determined to be a counterfeit will not be returned to you. Axial shall not be liable to you, or any other party, for any compensation relating to a knife determined to be a counterfeit.

(b) Axial may choose to involve third parties or governmental investigative agencies in order to determine the source of the counterfeit goods. By sending your knife in for warranty service, you agree to cooperate in good faith with any investigation conducted by Axial, third parties, and/or governmental agencies. This includes cooperating with investigations to identify the source of the counterfeit goods by providing the name, location, and other identifying information that you may have about the source.

By signing and submitting the "Warranty Service Form" and by sending your knife in for service, you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of this agreement.

Any automatic knife returned for warranty service outside of Utah must include a signed copy of the "Automatic Knife Acknowledgement Form" or be returned through an authorized Axial dealer. No exceptions will be made. Automatic knives must be returned in compliance with Federal Laws & Regulations.

Replacement Parts

Things happens. To ensure your Axial continues to perform at the highest level, we offer the following free replacement parts:

  • T8 Torx Screws (OTF)
  • Rear Operator (OTF)
  • Front Operator (OTF)
  • Main Firing Spring (OTF)
  • Blade Lock Springs (OTF)

All that you are responsible for is the associated shipping costs. To request parts, submit the online "Parts Request Form" below:

Parts Request Form

Blade replacements are subject to availability. Please submit the "Parts Request Form" and make a note in the reason for service box. One of our representatives will contact you within 1-3 business days with current information regarding the availability and pricing of specific blade options.

We take a different approach then traditional knife manufacturers, recognizing that many of you prefer to maintain your own knives. We don't use proprietary screws on our knives. We don't void your warranty if you disassemble your knife. We advise against excessive disassembly of your knife because it can put unnecessary wear and tear on parts, but periodic disassembly may be required in order to keep your knife running at the highest level.

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS: If you do choose to disassembly your knife, keep in mind that the handle is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. It's possible to strip the threading on the handle, which will require a handle replacement that isn't covered under our warranty. We do not warranty lost parts, but if you happen to lose a part you can request replacement parts by submitting the Parts Request Form found on our knife warranty page. If you aren't confident in your ability to disassembly your knife and perform necessary maintenance, we recommend that you take advantage of our Premier Edge warranty service. At zero cost to you, our professional team will disassembly, clean, lubricate, and adjust your OTF to perform at the highest level. All that you are responsible for is the costs associated with shipping to and from our facility.